A marvellous display of a bittersweet life

London 2012 Opening Ceremony – image courtesy of bbc.co.uk

It finally happened! Yes the London 2012 Games kicked off Friday night with a gloriously English and spectacular Opening Ceremony that wowed people all over the world. It is estimated that approximately 27 million people in the UK alone watched the Opening Ceremony which makes it the 13th most watched programme in British TV history. I paid a visit to one of London’s most famous streets or “shopping heaven” as more commonly known on Saturday and it was clear as daylight that Olympics fever has struck again! Check out my photos below. (Click on photos to see the large versions.)  

All the participating countries’ flags are displayed on Regent’s street

Oxford street displaying colourful banners and signs everywhere

One of the many official Olympics vehicles seen all over the city

John Lewis’ flagship store completely covered in the Olympic Union Jack -stunning!

The famous Topshop being patriotic

One of the Topshop window displays – funny how that one woman looks like one of the mannequins!

H&M mannequins feeling Olympic

HMV sporting the country flags

American Apparel’s swimming mannequins

Tourist heaven!

T-Mobile feeling ‘pink’ about the Olympics

We have waited for this for 7 years and finally it is here. Good luck to all the teams participating and may the best country win! Go Team GB! Look out for more Olympics posts… :-)




Comments on: "Olympics fever hits Oxford Street" (4)

  1. Thank you so much for all the photos. It is great to have an extra set of eyes beyond what the media is showing us in the USA. Loved this blog!

    • Thank you so much! It is such a wonderful time in London at the moment and I am really looking forward to sharing more of what is ‘not shown on television’. It really is amazing and everyday I am so thankful for being here to experience it. I will definitely share more during the next few weeks. Thanks for reading! :-)

  2. I love the H&M window display!

    • It is lovely! Some of the stores were really creative with their window displays. I was only there for a short while on Saturday but will take some pictures when I’m there again. Thanks for reading! :-)

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