A marvellous display of a bittersweet life

Beautiful London skies

The Olympics is sadly coming to an end soon and what an amazing time it’s been!? More on that later but what’s also been really fantastic is the wonderful weather we’ve had throughout this time. People who always say Britain is grey and wet all the time, was proven wrong this time! We experienced some gloriously sunny and warm days which worked out perfect for the Olympics so I think it’s safe to say our sunshine arrived with the Games (perhaps the torch light from Greece had something to do with it!). With so many tourists around and so many snaps taken of our beautiful city, has anyone bothered to look up at the stunning blue sky? I did and this is what I saw. (Click on images for large versions)    Read the rest of this entry »

Name says it all...

Two weekends ago it was scorching hot. Temperatures clocked double digits, high into the 20s and because this is Britain everyone cracked out their shorts and took to the streets with smiley faces, short sleeves, sunglasses and legs white as a sheet. It was the last day of the Shoreditch Festival so we decided to head down to Regents Canal, one of London’s best-kept secrets, and walk along this peaceful haven towards the festivities. I was keen to try out something new with my camera so I decided to go black and white for the day and I was quite impressed with the results. Check out my photos below. (Click on images to see large versions.)  Read the rest of this entry »

London 2012 Opening Ceremony – image courtesy of bbc.co.uk

It finally happened! Yes the London 2012 Games kicked off Friday night with a gloriously English and spectacular Opening Ceremony that wowed people all over the world. It is estimated that approximately 27 million people in the UK alone watched the Opening Ceremony which makes it the 13th most watched programme in British TV history. I paid a visit to one of London’s most famous streets or “shopping heaven” as more commonly known on Saturday and it was clear as daylight that Olympics fever has struck again! Check out my photos below. (Click on photos to see the large versions.)   Read the rest of this entry »


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